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A Travelers Guide To The Solar System

A Travelers Guide To The Solar System

Product Code: YCH0145
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Product Description:
What would it be like to walk on a Martian plain? Watch wild volcanoes on Jupiter? All it takes to find out is a touch of imagination and this entertaining guide to the solar system, illustrated with NASA’s most up-to-date colour photographs. So get ready to blast off, and fly through the skies from Mercury to Pluto, stopping to visit planets, asteroids, and moons along the way. Feel Venus’s intense pressure and heat, thanks to a thick blanket of carbon dioxide. Alight on Saturn and gaze at its beautiful and mysterious rings. See greenish-blue Uranus, which takes 84 Earth-years to travel round the sun. There’s lots of fun information, related in a simple, appealing style that children will easily understand and enjoy.

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