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Twitter/ Facebook Withdrawal Mints

Twitter/ Facebook Withdrawal Mints

Product Code: FP7516
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Product Description:
Want to establish relationships with more than just your laptop, smartphone and tablet? Then make sure you accept a friend request from Twitter/Facebook Withdrawal Mints!

These minty fresh thwarters of ant-social, social networking are crucial for any Twitter or Facebook addict's rehabilitation. They're fun mints with a mission!

Within a couple of sucks, Twitter/Facebook Withdrawal Mints give you the confidence to try phenomena such as using your mouth to communicate, being in the same room as those you're talking to and using actual words rather than emoticons!

They're the perfect, funny gift for any social networking addict and are sure to bring even the most terrible tweeter back from the brink. And remember - if you really like them - put it on your Facebook page Tweet like crazy!

Twitter/Facebook Withdrawal Mints are more than just a funny gift - they're the first step to social rehabilitation. What's more - unlike most magical medicines, they're available without prescription … and that's mainly because they're just mints!

What's more, these aren't the only miracle mints in our range. Check out the following -

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Bed Farts Eradication Mints to make bedtime farts a stink of the past!
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Old Git Mints to bring some minty magic to your favourite Old Git's mojo!
and Senior Moment Memory Loss Mints to help you forget about memory loss!

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