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I-SPY The Uk: While It Lasts

I-SPY The Uk: While It Lasts

Product Code: YHU0347
4.99  [approx. $7.49] 

Product Description:
"The I-SPY concept is simple. It's like the 'I spy with my little eye' game, only instead of all the tedious stuff about 'something beginning with', there are pictures and descriptions and genuine oppurtunities to use your sleuthing skills to discover interesting thing. And laugh at them. It will greatly improve your thus far ignorant life. The United Kingdom of Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland isn't very united anymore. Great Britain isn't very great. Or so say wrong-headed doubters who want to talk us down! But where else can you see men in kilts, weirdly neat gardens and aggressively jovial village fetes? Nowhere else. And this guide helps you add to these great joys by awarding you points for seeing them. Isn't that the pip?"

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