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Life Is A Joke
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Life Is A Joke

Product Code: YHU0466
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Product Description:
A collection of life lessons, delivered in joke form. This collection of hilarious new and classic jokes is guaranteed to get a laugh - but also make people think, with brief, engaging essays about the insights each joke offers and the life lessons it teaches. Great jokes not only make us laugh - they make us think. They very often contain important pieces of wisdom and insight that we are more willing to hear when they're delivered with a laugh. Life Is a Joke: 100 Life Lessons (with Punch Lines) includes 100 hilarious jokes along with the messages that you may or may not realise they carry. For instance, a joke about a tribal mystic and the weather service becomes a pointed parable about being very careful in choosing which experts to trust (or vote for). A joke about a therapist and his patient offers an invaluable insight about the vital importance of open communication. A salesman, a clerk, and a manager find a magic lamp and learn that whoever speaks first doesn’t necessarily win. Written by the brothers who created the phenomenally successful Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series, each entry in Life Is a Joke is contained in a two-page spread. There’s an epigram previewing the theme of the joke and lesson, a brief précis of the lesson the joke teaches, and a few takeaway points with ideas for how readers can apply the lesson to their own lives.

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