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One Ginger Pele

One Ginger Pele

Product Code: YST0039


  • ISBN: 978-1847735676
  • Catalogue Page: NOT IN CAT
  • No. of Pages: 96
  • Type: Paper Back


  • 19.4 x 14.8 cm
4.99  [approx. $7.49] 

Product Description:
This title is presented in paperback for Christmas 2009. One ginger Pele, there's only one ginger Pele! As the Tottenham supporters who came up with that one - sung to their ginger centre-back Gary Doherty - know, the devoted football fan is the 12th man; his vocal support can mean the difference between winning and losing. Whether it's giving support to your club or poking fun at other teams, fans, mascots or even innocent St John's Ambulance volunteers, there's nothing like singing along with your fellow fans to get the blood pumping and the 11 men on the pitch fired up. On terraces the length and breadth of Britain, this simple truth has given rise to the art of the football chant. This book contains over 180 of the cleverest, wittiest and most downright hilarious examples of football songs from clubs across the country. As Swiss defender Bernt Haas found out when he joined West Brom and the Baggies started singing, 'Bernt Haas, I've gone and Bernt my Haas', for sharp wit and funny comebacks, you can't beat a football chant.

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