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Books by Boxer | General Interest | Food & Drinks |  SushiI: 60 Delicious Recipes

SushiI: 60 Delicious Recipes

SushiI: 60 Delicious Recipes

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Sushi was invented in Southeast Asia a very long time ago and originally consisted of salted fish wrapped in fermented rice. It was a way of preserving the fish and the rice was discarded before eating. Sushi was introduced to Japan more than 1600 years ago and over the centuries it evolved into the various forms that we know today. Far from being discarded, the sticky, vinegared sushi rice is now the heart of the matter. Essentially, modern sushi is the specially prepared rice wrapped or stu ed into, rolled with, or strapped onto almost anything, from traditional raw fish and Japanese omelette to fusion flavours from international cuisines. Sushi shows home chefs how to prepare and serve stylish, healthy sushi dishes for family meals and entertaining.

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