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When We Were Young The 1960S

When We Were Young The 1960S

Product Code: YTT0027
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Product Description:
They say that if you can remember the 1960s then you weren't there. Cartoonist Tony Husband transports you back to the decade of Love and Peace, a revolutionary time when men grew their hair long, woman wore their skirts short and change was in the air. This book is a gentle journey down Memory Lane, with Tony's brilliant drawings reminding you of everything that was going on: Flower Power, psychedelia, England winning the World Cup, mods and rockers, Vietnam protests, Woodstock, space travel, Carnaby Street, the Beatles and much more. The 1960s were a decade when Britain led the world as style, energy and new ideas were given free rein. These pages are the perfect way to enjoy them all over again.

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